Injury Compensation Claims Articles

So you have been injured in a car accident, slipped at a supermarket or tripped on something in a restaurant, shop or even someone’s house.  You have contacted Allianz, the supermarket, restaurant or shop etc. and before long you receive an offer of $1,000.00 – $3,000.00 from an insurance company to settle your claim.  What… Read more »

If you need to engage a lawyer you will be concerned about the cost.   Don’t be embarrassed – the likely cost of your matter is something that should be discussed up front.   It is important to you and needs to be carefully considered as part of your decision to proceed.  Sometimes it is… Read more »

Sometimes one party to a Court action will be ordered to pay (all or part of) the other party’s legal costs.  This might be at an interlocutory hearing (a court process along the way to the resolution of a matter) or at trial (when the matter is finalised by the Court).  Sometimes a party may… Read more »

The Advertiser reported on 8 November 2012 that an Adelaide barrister is being sued in the District Court for “allowing his pet dog to roam and chase cars before it allegedly caused the crash of a motorcyclist.” The motorcyclist is reportedly claiming more than $40,000 in damages and compensation plus interest and Court Costs and… Read more »

You should be aware that there are time limits on certain Court actions.  If you fall outside those time limits, your ability to pursue a remedy in Court may be lost (‘statute barred’). Examples of certain claims and the time limits that apply in South Australia: Breach of contract: 6 years after the date of… Read more »

A man in his 40’s was going for his morning run along a footpath in the suburb in which he lives when a dog ran out at him from a yard and bit him on the leg. The gate was usually closed, and the dog was usually restrained, but not on this morning.  The man… Read more »

A client was walking her dog along the linear park recently.  She had unleashed him in the designated off-leash area.  Her dog unexpectedly ran out of the off-leash area toward the river in pursuit of some ducks.  The dog ran across the bike track and caused a man jogging to stumble and fall.  The dog… Read more »