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Getting your legal structure right is a fundamental first step in business and investment ownership.  We are experienced and skilled in helping clients to balance the multitude of considerations that are different for every client. Read our Client Reviews and then call us to speak with an Adelaide commercial lawyer with specialist ownership structure experience on a no obligation basis.
Considerations relevant to choosing the right legal structure include:

Factors That Effect the Type of Structure

Factors that effect the type of legal ownership structure may include:

  • How many investors are involved;
  • Financing considerations;
  • The need for flexibility to introduce further investors and for sale of the assets;
  • The type of assets associated with the business or investment;
  • The client’s other assets and other legal entities;
  • Income tax, stamp duty, capital gains tax, payroll tax and land tax considerations;
  • Asset protection and risk considerations; and
  • Legislative requirements for some industry groups.
How do you transfer control of a family discretionary trust?

This could be as simple as changing the trustee via deed but further considerations are applicable from an estate planning perspective. Find out more

Types of Legal Structures

There are numerous legal ownership structures and combinations thereof but the most common include:

Common forms of ownership include:

  • Sole traders or companies as trustees of family discretionary trusts;
  • Companies as trustees of unit trusts with units owned by family discretionary or superannuation trusts; and
  • Partnerships of trusts.

Read our Client Reviews and then talk to us about your legal ownership structure on a no obligation basis.

Key People for Ownership Structures

  • Jason Meyer

    Jason Meyer

    Jason brings to the table his many years of business law experience. Jason's sole aim is to improve his client's position. That means taking into account the transaction, the time and the cost. Call Jason on a free no obligation basis to see how he can help you.

    Call Jason on 8362 6400 or .

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  • Danny Beger

    Danny Beger

    Danny has a personal interest in business and investment ownership structures to minimise risk and reduce exposure to taxes and duties. Danny has assisted many clients find the right structure to suit their risk profiles and to provide the level of flexibility they desire.

    Call Danny on 8362 6400 or .

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