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We are experienced property lawyers with a keen personal interest in commercial property and the leases that support our businesses and investments and those of our clients. Read our Client Reviews and then call us to speak with an Adelaide commercial lease lawyer with specialist business conveyancing experience on a no obligation basis.
Whether you are a landlord or tenant, we can assist with any aspect of commercial leasing including:

Leases are pretty much all the same so why bother getting them reviewed?

Leases can be very different and whilst generally in favour of landlords, some leases contain clauses that can be devastating for unsuspecting tenants. Find out more

Adelaide Commercial Lease Lawyers Who Add Value

In our opinion a commercial lease is the foundation of a good business for a tenant and also basis on which valuers and financiers assess the value of investment property.  Having a good lease in place should be a fundamental consideration for every business owner and investor.  But our aim is to add value where we can without getting in the way of negotiations.

What Is A Good Lease?

A good lease is not just about rental return but a large number of other factors which include:

  • lease term and rights or renewal;
  • definition of permitted use;
  • rent review mechanisms;
  • right to recover property expenses and outgoings;
  • quality of lessee and security provided to support the lessee’s obligations under the lease; and
  • maintenance requirements and make good provisions at end of lease.

If you are looking for a highly experienced and motivated property lawyer with a keen personal interest in real estate and commercial leases, you have come to the right place!

Read our Client Reviews and then talk to  Adelaide Commercial Lease Lawyers about your commercial lease matter on a no obligation basis.

Key People for Commercial Leases

  • Lorenzo Mazzocchetti

    Lorenzo Mazzocchetti

    Lorenzo is a highly experienced specialist property lawyer. Lorenzo honed his skills at the Land Titles Office and later at a number of top tier legal firms. Lorenzo knows everything there is to know about commercial leases and then some!

    Call Lorenzo on 8362 6400 or email Lorenzo.

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  • Danny Beger

    Danny Beger

    Danny is a skilled property lawyer and has a personal interest as both a landlord and tenant of a number of commercial properties. Many of Danny's clients are property investors and developers. If you want to talk commercial leases - talk to Danny.

    Call Danny on 8362 6400 or email Danny.

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