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Lorenzo Mazzocchetti is an experienced Adelaide Notary Public and commercial lawyer who understands that notarising documents is often associated with business and time constraints.  Read our Client Reviews and then call us to speak with Lorenzo on a no obligation basis.
Lorenzo has been offering Adelaide notarial services for over 15 years.  Nothing is too hard for Lorenzo and so he is well liked and respected by his clients, local and international lawyers and other notaries.

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What is a Public Notary?

  • A Notary is a specially qualified practising lawyer who holds a unique office of trust and fidelity within the legal system.  Notaries in South Australia are generally senior legal practitioners appointed for life by the Supreme Court.
  • Notaries are qualified to take oaths and to witness documents for use not just in Australia but also internationally.  Unlike a Justice of the Peace, a Notary Public can administer oaths, witness the execution of documents and certify international documents for use outside of Australia.
  • Most countries require important commercial or personal documents which originate from another country to be notarised before they can be used or officially recorded.
  • Notarial seals are recorded in a database by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (“DFAT“).
  • Under the Hague Convention a Notaries seal and signature is internationally recognised.
  • Notaries will affix their personalised seal or stamp close to or immediately underneath their signature.
Is an international will necessary if I own assets overseas?

An international will is one option but multiple wills have benefits as well. Find out more

What Services Does a Notary Provide?

As a Notary Lorenzo has internationally recognised powers and authority to provide a range of notarial services for our corporate and commercial clients including:

  • witnessing of contractual and other documents;
  • administering oaths where the document will be used outside of Australia;
  • providing advice in relation to the authentication and verification of documents to be produced and relied upon outside Australia;
  • verification, authentication and certification of deeds, declarations and other documents;
  • notarising international banking documents;
  • certifying copy documents;
  • verification of identity and/or signature;
  • notarising the execution of Powers of Attorney and other commercial documents such as minutes, reports, resolutions and corporate governance certificates.

How Much do Notarial Services Cost?

We charge for notarial services on the same basis as our legal work on a time basis in accordance with our legal services agreement.  Lorenzo’s charge out rate is $450 per hour plus GST.  We will be able to provide you with an estimate of our costs once we understand what work is necessary.

It can help minimise cost by providing us with a copy of:

  • any instructions you may have received from the foreign country; and/or
  • the documents which you need notarised.

Read our Client Reviews and then talk to Lorenzo Mazzocchetti on 8362 6400 to discuss your notarial requirements on a no obligation basis.

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