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Best Estate planning lawyers in AdelaideAre you planning on contesting a Will? We have successfully resolved many complicated Inheritance Claims and Will Disputes in Adelaide and South Australia (often by negotiation and without the need to go to Court). We can also help you to identify or defend entitlements in a Contested Estate as well as answer any questions related to Wills and estates.

Call now (on a no-obligation and no-cost basis) to speak to our experienced Adelaide Will dispute lawyers about contesting a Will or anything related to Inheritance. See our client reviews for more insight on our contested Wills and estates cases.

Will Disputes, Inheritance Claims and Will Dispute Lawyers:

Circumstances in which you may be able to challenge a Will or make an Inheritance Claim

It is important to act quickly if you plan on contesting a Will (SA). If you have been left out of a Will, there is some irregularity concerning the Will or if you feel that adequate provision has not been made by the deceased person, you must act fast as strict time limits apply.

Will disputes, contested estates and inheritance claims will require a detailed examination of the deceased estate and the surrounding circumstances.There are a number of circumstances in which you may be entitled to challenge a Will, or make greater family provision claim from a deceased estate.

You should seek legal advice from a probate lawyer immediately if:

  • You were dependent on the deceased and you have not been provided for in their Will;
  • The provision made for you in the Will is not adequate for your needs;
  • You believe that the Will is unfair;
  • You are named as Executor and the Will does not provide for a family member or spouse;
  • You believe that the deceased was not of sound mind or lacked testamentary capacity when they made their last Will;
  • You believe that the deceased was unduly influenced by one or more beneficiaries named in the Will;
  • The deceased passed away without a Will; or
  • The Will is unclear.
Can I claim more than what I received under a Will? What are my inheritance rights?

These are common questions that arise when contesting a Will. Provided you comply with the time limits, you can potentially claim a larger amount than that left to you under the Will. Learn more about inadequate provisions. Find out more

Will Disputes and Will Challenges

The validity of a Will can be challenged for various reasons. This can include the legal incapacity of the Will maker, undue influence by a family member, or fraudulent circumstances such as invalid amendments to the Will or incorrect execution.

A common example where Wills are challenged, is when an elderly parent is taken along by a son or daughter to a law firm for the purpose of making a Will; usually to give a greater benefit to that son or daughter.

There have also been circumstances where the parent cannot speak English well or at all, or is suffering from dementia. Where the Will maker has not had the opportunity to clearly consider the terms of the Will, or did not understand / approve its contents, the Will may be considered invalid thus making contesting a Will (SA) difficult.

Inheritance Claims

An inheritance claim may be made against an estate by a person who feels that they have not been adequately provided for. Please read our article on how to stop someone contesting a Will in Australia ot talk to our wills and estates lawyers to learn more.

Only close relatives are entitled to make such claims. Generally spouses (including former spouses and domestic partners who had a relationship with the deceased), children and grandchildren have a right to make a claim. Step children can make a claim if they were dependent upon the Will maker immediately before their death, or were entitled to be maintained by them. Parents and siblings of the Will maker can make a claim if they cared for or contributed to the maintenance of the Will maker during their lifetime.

Yes, a Will can be contested after Probate has been granted. An application (to contest the Will) must be made within 6 months of the Grant of Probate and prior to the final distribution of the estate. The Court may extend the time within which an application can be made but only if the application for an extension of time is made prior to the final distribution of the estate. (see Section 8 of the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act 1972 (“the Act“)). It is important for anyone wanting to contest a Will to first determine if they fall into the category of people eligible to contest (see Section 6 of the Act) and then to notify the Executor of the Will as soon as possible of their intention to contest or make a claim on the estate. The actual claim consists of a Supreme Court summons supported by an affidavit that must be filed and served on the Executor of the Will within 6 months of the grant of Probate. If you are the Executor of a Will and there is a prospect of someone making a claim then as Executor you should wait until 6 months from the grant of Probate before distributing the estate and consider advertising the grant of Probate and your intention to distribute the estate.  See also “Contested Estates and Inheritance Claims“.

An inheritance claim will be assessed by the Court considering a number of factors:

  • The nature of claimant’s relationship with the Will maker;
  • The claimant’s current financial position;
  • The size of the estate; and
  • The competing interests of the other named beneficiaries and any other person making a claim.
Are you No Win No Fee Lawyers?

Yes, but a contingency arrangement may not be necessary. If you do not have a claim for contesting a Will, we will tell you – generally without charge. If you do have a claim we will generally wait for payment without charging the success fee applicable under a contingency arrangement. Find out more

Who pays for contested estate legal costs?

Please note, there is no cost to call us or come into our office for an initial consultation. Our litigation lawyers would be pleased to meet with you on a no-obligation and no-cost basis.

The legal costs associated with contesting a Will (including the executor’s costs and a claimant’s costs) are often paid by the estate. It is of course true that the more costs an estate pays the less that will be available for distribution to beneficiaries.  We are therefore as cost conscious and commercially minded with contested estates as with any other matter.

We understand that in most cases our clients are unable to pay costs while a matter is negotiated or litigated and we therefore normally await payment of our fees until the end of the contested wills and estates matter.

Speak to our Will dispute lawyers

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Please read our Client Reviews and then talk to us about contesting a Will (SA) or inheritance claim matters on a no obligation basis.

Key People for Contested Estates: Inheritance & Will Disputes

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