You should be aware that there are time limits on certain Court actions.  If you fall outside those time limits, your ability to pursue a remedy in Court may be lost (‘statute barred’).

Examples of certain claims and the time limits that apply in South Australia:

Breach of contract:
6 years after the date of the breach
6 years after the date of the negligent act
Personal injury:
3 years after the act causing injury (or longer if the injury does not become known till later, such as a disease)
Suing for payment of back rent:
6 years but longer in certain circumstances
Failure to re-pay a debt:
6 years after breach but this can be extended where the debtor signs a document that acknowledges the debt or promises to pay
Suing on a deed or mortgage:
15 years after breach
Enforcing a judgement:
15 years after the Court grants the judgment
Inheritance claim challenging a Will:
6 months after the Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration
Claim by the estate:
Where an executor claims on behalf of a deceased, there is an extension of 12 months or to the Grant of Probate or Letters, whichever is earlier
Negligence claim against estate of deceased:
6 months of Grant of Probate or Letters
1 year of the libel or slander
Claim for building work under warranty:
5 years
Claim for building work damages:
10 years after work completed
Enforcing a worker’s lien:
14 days after lien registered
Employment unfair dismissal claim:
14 days from the date the dismissal takes effect

This list is not exhaustive and subject to limitations and exceptions.  For example, the clock does not start to run against a child making a claim until the child turns 18.

In many cases, the Courts have a general discretionary power to grant an extension of time to proceed with a Court case but this involves proving certain matters and is best discussed with your solicitor, sooner rather than later!

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