Debt Collection Articles

So you have finally got a judgment against a person for the sum of money that he owes you. The next step is to actually realise the money and often that can take time. The Problem: Say that while you negotiate a payment plan for your judgment sum to be paid to you, the debtor… Read more »

Imagine this: you engage a contractor to perform construction work.  You are issued with an invoice at the end of the job, but the work is defective or not what you asked for.  You do what you think is the right thing and try and talk to the contractor about fixing the work before you… Read more »

What can go Wrong? A landlord owned prime commercial premises that were leased to company B, the branch of a national retail chain, and payment of the rent was guaranteed by company C. B transferred the lease to another company; both went bust.  C didn’t have to pay the lost rent because the Guarantee only… Read more »

In my experience there is a common theme amongst many failed businesses – the proprietors fail to understand the vital importance of getting paid on time and making sure that “writing-off” bad debts happens rarely, if ever. Successful businesses have credit control measures in place that include the following: Make sure your client understands how… Read more »