In my experience there is a common theme amongst many failed businesses – the proprietors fail to understand the vital importance of getting paid on time and making sure that “writing-off” bad debts happens rarely, if ever.

Successful businesses have credit control measures in place that include the following:

  • Make sure your client understands how you charge and your payment expectations.
  • Well-written terms of trade are important.  Getting your terms signed is vital.  Making sure the signatory has authority is essential.
  • Terms of trade should, if possible, include personal guarantees, charging clauses, provisions dealing with default, interest and legal cost recovery clauses.
  • If your terms contain a retention of title (“Romalpa”) clause, you should register the agreement under the Personal Properties Securities Register to provide you with proper protection.
  • If possible require some payment up front (the more the better).  If this isn’t possible consider payment before completion or supply.
  • Account employees should have a “debt collection” procedure to follow including a telephone script.
  • Ring clients on the last day to pay.  Ask if there is a problem.  If there is, deal with it promptly.  If there is no problem, make a note of that and find out when payment will be made.  Diarise to follow up immediately if that date is missed.
  • An “in house” letter of demand may be appropriate before legal action.  Don’t delay formally demanding payment … it’s your money … be “indignant” about not being paid in full on time.
  • If all else fails don’t delay to engage an appropriately qualified lawyer with expertise in effective debt collection.

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