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If you have been thinking about starting a new business, now might be a great time with the introduction of a number of significant small business incentives set out in the Federal Budget for 2015/16 announced on 12 May 2015.   The tax incentives for new business start ups include: Small business tax rate cuts (the 2015/2016 tax… Read more »

To the intelligent layman, the phrase in a loan agreement stating that the monies loaned are “payable on demand” suggests that the right to sue arises only after a demand is actually made. Naturally, a lawyer will tell you it is more complicated than that. For a variety of reasons, some purely historical, “payable on… Read more »

If you have decided to ignore the well known advice of “don’t lend money to family or friends”, there are some very good reasons why you should create a legally binding, written agreement. This loan agreement between family members/friends and you, should outline a repayment schedule and  what will happen if the borrower is late… Read more »

The fact that a debtor who owes you money owns land is a good thing but beware of lodging a caveat when you’re not entitled to do so.   A simple debt does not constitute a ‘caveatable interest‘ in land. The main situation where a caveat is apt arises when there is a contract to… Read more »

So you have finally got a judgment against a person for the sum of money that he owes you. The next step is to actually realise the money and often that can take time. The Problem: Say that while you negotiate a payment plan for your judgment sum to be paid to you, the debtor… Read more »

What can go Wrong? A landlord owned prime commercial premises that were leased to company B, the branch of a national retail chain, and payment of the rent was guaranteed by company C. B transferred the lease to another company; both went bust.  C didn’t have to pay the lost rent because the Guarantee only… Read more »

In my experience there is a common theme amongst many failed businesses – the proprietors fail to understand the vital importance of getting paid on time and making sure that “writing-off” bad debts happens rarely, if ever. Successful businesses have credit control measures in place that include the following: Make sure your client understands how… Read more »