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We understand that defamatory statements can be extremely destructive both emotionally and financially. We can help stop the defamation and restore your reputation. Read our Client Reviews and then call us to speak with an Adelaide commercial litigation lawyer with specialist defamation experience on a no obligation basis.
Our experience is that most defamation occurs in circumstances where the defamer is actively trying to cause damage to our client’s reputation.  The defamatory statements can take various forms but most often include online publications on the internet including statements on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Whilst one strategy is to “turn the other cheek” and ignore the defamatory statements, that choice is often not available where the defamation is likely to adversely affect reputation and potentially damage one’s employment or business prospects.  In those situations it may be necessary to take rapid and decisive action in the form of a letter of demand and, if necessary, legal proceedings seeking injunctive orders and, ultimately, damages and costs.

If I have been defamed how much can I sue for?

Peter Jakobsen has published an article entitled "Defamation Damages". Find out more

Ultimately most clients subjected to defamatory behaviour simply want an apology and an undertaking that the defamation will cease.  See Peter Jakobsen’s article: “Apology Can Reduce Defamation Damages“.  In some situations however the effect of the defamation is so immediate and so devastating to one’s reputation and business interests that an apology alone is insufficient to restore the person to their former position.  In those cases it will be necessary to also pursue financial compensation in the form of defamation damages.

As with all litigation matters, remember that time limits apply.

Read our Client Reviews and then talk to us about your defamation matter on a no obligation basis.

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